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Xiaoyan Dong

The Story

Alice's Nightmare


In Alice's mind, a twisted maze

A world of colours, but ablaze

With darkness, fear and pain

Her wonderland, a nightmare reign


Her gown, a symbol of her pain

Her wrists, stained with blood like rain

She wanders through her twisted dreams

A place where nothing's what it seems


Her illusions, so real, so raw

A haunting world without a flaw

A place where sanity's a curse

And every joy, a maddening hearse


Her designs, a horror show

Her mind, a place where monsters grow

Is Wonderland just a trap?

A nightmare that she can't unwrap?


As she falls deeper into her fears

Her mind, a place of endless tears

A world of madness, pain and fright

Alice's wonderland, a never-ending night.

Costume Design

Stage Design

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