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Xiaoyan Dong

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Xiaoyan is a multimedia artist born in Beijing and based in London. She works in film, experimental performance, installation and fashion design to explore invisible disabilities, vulnerable cultures, and ethical issues. 


Through her experience in theatre production and filmmaking, Xiaoyan is fascinated by the immediacy of theatre and the cinematic perspective of the film, developing a multimedia theatre production system that places an emphasis on character development and portrayal. Her work encourages people to think about the relationship between people and the digital world or to use the virtual as a reflection of the realities associated with people.


2022.09 - 2023.12

MA Virtual Reality

University of the Arts London

2020.09 - 2022.07

BA Digital Media Art

Communication University of China

2018.09 - 2022.07

BA Fashion Design

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

I have studied mainly VR and AR technology, with courses including immersive story writing, game design and programming. In my MA research, I have drawn on my performance practice and fashion design experience to work on the use of VR technology to explore human spirituality and social issues.

I have studied the core skills of film and television production, 3D modelling, rendering, sound design and virtual reality technology. During my practice, I worked on several film projects in positions such as director and art director and worked on the research and development of several virtual reality experiences and games.

I have studied costume history, fashion illustration, drapping, pattern design, fashion trends, and fabric science. My focus has been on theatre costume design, and I have designed costumes for various characters in multiple theatre productions and films.

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