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Xiaoyan Dong

Xiaoyan was born in Beijing and currently resides in London. She holds dual Bachelor's degrees in Fashion Design and Digital Media Arts and recently earned a Master's degree in Virtual Reality from the University of the Arts London. Her artistic oeuvre spans multiple mediums including XR production, digital imaging, experimental performance, installations, and fashion design. Through her works, she intriguingly explores critical issues such as marginal cultures, invisible disabilities, and social ethics.


Xiaoyan's artistic journey began with fashion design before she became obsessed with narrative creation through her experience in theatre character design. Subsequently, she ventured into film production and theatre directing, enriching her artistic narrative and establishing a profound understanding of storytelling and character portrayal. In 2020, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic witnessed in the theatre, she began to explore the possibilities of cross-media performances. This exploration allowed her to transcend the traditional boundaries between theatre and film, integrating traditional and digital media in her storytelling. Virtual reality technology has become her most adept narrative tool beyond writing, empowering participants and blurring the lines between spectators and narrative drivers.

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董笑颜生于北京,现定居伦敦。她拥有时装设计和数字媒体艺术双学士学位,并在伦敦艺术大学获得虚拟现实硕士学位。她的作品横跨多种媒介,包括 XR 制作、数字图像、实验表演、装置和时装设计,她的作品常趣味性地探索弱势文化、隐形残疾、和社会伦理等严肃问题。




· Degrees Earned

MA Virtual Reality (Distinction)

London College of Communication, University of the Arts London

London, United Kingdom

2022.09 - 2023.12

BA Digital Media Art

Communication University of China

Beijing, China

2020.09 - 2022.06

BE Fashion Design and Engineering, Experimental Class for Advanced Talents

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Beijing, China

2018.09 - 2022.06

· Professional Development

Exclusive Short Course in Theatre Directing 

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

London, United Kingdom


Unreal Engine Bootcamp

Beijing Film Academy

Beijing, China


Selection Activities

London College of Communication Graduation Exhibition

Role: VR Artist

London College of Communication, London, United Kingdom


Alternate Realities Talent, Sheffield DocFest

Role: Selected Talent

Sheffield, United Kingdom

2023. 06

CILECT Prize 2023

Role: Student Judge Participant

London, United Kingdom

2023. 01

Wuzhen Theatre Festival - Youth Competition

Role: Character Designer of Selected Play

Wuzhen, Zhejiang China

2022. 12

BIFT Digital Graduation Exhibition

Role: Digital Fashion Designer and VR Artist


2022. 06

Beijing International Film Festival - VR Section

Role: Character Designer

Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Beijing, China

2021. 09

HART Showcase

Role: Digital Stage Designer and Costume Designer

Guiyou Building, Beijing, China

2021. 08

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